March 2017 Update

  Hey there folks. Hope the winter has been great for all of you. I have been a busy bee musically, putting the finishing touches on my follow up kids CD. It's going to the manufacturer this week and the physical CD will be ready by the end of March, with digital downloads available next week.

  Finishing up a project like this always comes with a lot of emotions. Relief, joy, anticipation to name some of them. There is such an outpouring of energy to bring something like this to fruition. My life has changed so much over the course of recording this album. I am in a new city with new routines, leading a new life in many ways.

  I love the fact that once this music is out there it will take on a life of it's own and become a part of other peoples lives. This is especially rewarding with children's music. Children are such a unique, engaging and fun audience who help bring me back to the reason I create and channel music in the first place: Pure Joy 

All the best!

Morien (mister mojo)